About Us

We are Simon (the blond Speccy one) and James (the dark beardy one)! We are married (to each other) and live down by the seaside in Brighton and Hove. A typical day for us involves lots of getting our foster kids up, ready and off to school or college, then we can start getting some orders packed from our website and maybe if we are lucky, we can try and get some designing done. And maybe even clean the house before the kids are back and our peace is shattered! Only Joking (slightly)!
We create unique kitsch designs based on our much loved pop culture and celebrity icons, and all with our unique design twists. Bright, kitsch and a little bit pop-arty, our designs are a modern twist on the typical celebrity portraits, all with some added extra personality, and silliness! We think our style is bright, a bit Kitsch, a bit poppy and definitely a bit silly. 
Our biggest influences are our parents – really they are! And Pat Butcher!
We developed our style by doing lots wrong and starting again. Trial and error is great. We both also have loads of retail experience so we’ve always had a vision of what we wanted to make ourselves and what would sell. A few twists and turns later, and Bite Your Granny was born. James did a fine art degree in sculpture and Simon is super creative. It’s actually Simon who does most of the drawing, and James then puts things into a finished format 
If our artwork were music, it would probably sound a bit like a 1960s Japanese Girl group singing a mashup of the Sex Pistols and Dolly Parton, with a sprinkling of The Spice Girls.
Fun fact.. If we were animals James would be a Bear and Simon would be a budgie. For some reason that just fits.
Take care all and hope you enjoy browsing our website.